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Big Mike Wuz Here in ’99.  I bet he was small.  A small guy.  This was on the table at Satisfaction Restaurant and Grill in Durham.  The Hubbs (my attempt at a cute reference to my dashing husband) and I went there for lunch yesterday after church.   And we had these:

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I had one and let The Hubbs eat the rest.  JUST KIDDING! I had my fair share.  While we were waiting for our food, we watched some tennis.  The match was a part of the All England Lawn Tennis Championships (I had to look that up).

Me: What was the name of the girl that got stabbed awhile back?

The Hubbs: Huh?

Me: You know, the woman tennis player who was stabbed by a fan or a bored/drunk person.  Steffi Graf made me think of her, but I think that this woman was a brunette.

TH: When was this?

Me: Um. Hm. Maybe when we were in middle school?

TH: Hm. Navratilova?

Me: No.  She’s the gay one.  She had the feud with Chris Love.  No, not Love. What’s her name?  She’s married to that golfer, Nichols.  No….not Nichols.  Man, they were on Oprah.  I watched that episode.  Why can’t I remember their names?

TH: I don’t know.  I never did watch much tennis.

Me: Me neither. (slurp)

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I bet Big Mike watches tennis.