I am a huge fan of Project Runway, the television show.  I was watching re-runs and was inspired.  I thought to myself, “Look at all these crazy bitches.  I can do this.”  I decided to sketch out some ideas.  There were three points I tried to focus on while brainstorming: Practicality, Proportion, and Color.  Here they are:

 Ruffly Collar Jacket Outfit

 This was my first sketch and I didn’t know how to draw pants yet.  Don’t hold it against me.  This is my Ruffly Collar Jacket.  I think I was in an Elizabethan mood and then I saw a commercial for McDonald’s and DING!  Here it is.  I especially enjoy that the flower brooch complements her hair color.  I think it will also squirt water.  Those will be real brass buttons.



Out On The Town Outfit

 Out On The Town Outfit.  Who says redheads can’t wear pink?  She’s young and flirty and knows how to accessorize.  Some may think the hem is too short, but I defy traditional hem lines.  Look at those knees!  Show those off, girl.  The shape of the shoulders is definitely modern.  She may, however, have difficulty fitting through your standard doorway.  Wink Wink.


Doctor Outfit

For the professional.  The ER Doctor Outfit, scrubs with a twist.  Being a doctor is a hard job.  I added zippers at the knees for those hot summer days in the hospital, steel-toed boots for those sharp medical utensil accidents and elbow pads for those long hours of sitting head in hand waiting for something to happen like a bus accident, pipe bomb, plane crash or other dramatic thing we all see on the doctor shows.  You’ll also notice that I have enlarged the ear pieces of the stethoscope.  It can be so loud in emergency rooms.  Everybody wailing, crying, explosions, couple drama, doctors not living up to parent expectations, sex-changes, limbs flying off, etc.  Those tiny ear-buds were not going to cut it.  I think they will also be iPOD adaptable, because what isn’t these days? 

For those of  you that follow PR:

Heidi, all you have to do is call me.

I think I made it work, Tim, I think I made it work.