Last night, The Hubbs called on his way home to find out about supper (yes, “supper”).   Here is how it would have gone down if he were a Caveman and I his Cavewife:

Cave Hubbs: (yelling from a hill top) WOMAN. 

Cave Hubbs wielding his club.

Cave Hubbs wielding his club.

Cave Me: Ah!

CH: What eat?

C Me: Huh? (points at chicken and then at fire)

CH: eh.

C Me: (slightly annoyed, I throw my hands in the air) No chicken?

Here I am as an annoyed cavewoman.

Here I am as an annoyed cavewoman. Never mind the weird leg.

CH: eh. 

Then, Cave Hubbs disappears behind the hill.  I wait to hear him yell for me again or show up with something dead.

CH: (appears in the clearing near our fire) HA!  Look. (shoves arms full of  sweet and sour chicken, dumplings, beef and broccoli at me)

C Me: hmmmmm…how?

CH: I took out the Chinese delivery man that was going to the Jones’ with my club (holds up club).  EAT!

The Hubbs did not take hostage, maim or murder a delivery man last night.  So, I took a little creative license. 

Please note:  The Hubbs is not that hairy in the present day; however, I feel the added hair on Cave Hubbs is completely appropriate.  Other than my weird leg, I look FABULOUS.

The food was good, too.