And in other Enchanted Forest news …

Princess Aurora, locally known as Sleeping Beauty, was aroused today by Prince Phillip.  Despite rumors of faking interminable sleep, Princess Aurora seemed to be quite shaken upon waking.  It appeared she truly had been asleep for months.  Seen in this video just posted on YouTube:




Yes, that’s right, folks.  She did punch the Prince.  He’s reportedly doing fine, nursing a bruised cheek, but otherwise in good health.  He joked that they really “hit it off.”

Snow White is brought in by investigators.

Snow White is brought in by investigators.

The rumors surfaced after tweets were updated from a “@princesssunshine” indicating she was “bored” and “ready to get this show on the road” and “Ha. I totally fooled those royal d*****bags.”  These tweets caused a great decline in Princess Aurora’s number of supporters.  Some even began to doubt her royal lineage wondering if this sleeping beauty was, in fact, the King and Queen’s real daughter.  Later, it was discovered that this Twitter profile was registered to a disgruntled Snow White.  She was awakened by her Prince a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately for Snow White, her Prince left her after the first week sighting difficulty to compete with seven other men.  Her actions against Princess Aurora lead one to believe she had succumbed to jealousy and perhaps wanted a “do-over” in the prince department.  The King and Queen are grateful that the record has been set straight.


Princess Aurora’s Fairy Godmothers Flora, Fauna and Merryweather could not be reached for comment.

Our reporters were able to catch up with Maleficent in the King’s dungeon: 

“Curses! Curses! A spindle?  Really?  What was I thinking?” 

She followed this up by spitting fire.  The reporter escaped with minor injuries, just slightly singed.


For my brother William, I am Jacob Grimm and that’s the news.  The End.