The Ladies - no known copyright


It was the end of the school year at Graybank Elementary and a group of fifth grade teachers had volunteered to man the “Greek Festival” booth for the Field Day activities.  For the students of Graybank, Field Day was a treasure.  It meant the end of the school year, warm weather and outdoor activities for the entire school day.  The were several booths set up on the baseball field behind the school including the Civil War booth, the Spanish Culture booth and the Don’t Do Drugs Campaign booth, among others.  A mostly friendly competition has grown over the past few years between the Spanish Culture and Greek Festival booths.  The teachers prepared food and prizes to entice the children.  Unfortunately, one of the teachers decided to bring real wine to the Greek Festival this year.  Mrs. Lindsay was tired of the monotony of previous years and wanted to spice things up a bit.  Removing all of her clothes was deemed necessary after the third toast.  This year, Spanish Culture wins.


[Happy Birthday, Adam.]