The weekend smelled like wood.  The Hubbs and I had a hot date at Lowe’s Friday night.  The goal was to purchase a table saw and other necessities that will come together to form a bookshelf.  Hazzah!  We have been discussing this bookshelf for several months and decided that one of the hottest weekends yet this year would be the perfect time to start the project.  I don’t know why I keep saying “we” – like I’m going to be in the garage operating a saw in the heat.  No. Thanks.

A rare picture of The Hubbs.  Back off, ladies.  He's taken.  And, so is that particular table saw.

A rare picture of The Hubbs. Back off, ladies. He's taken. And, so is that particular table saw.

I don’t consider myself to be “handy.”  However, something happens to me when I step into a hardware store.  Maybe it’s the disorienting smell of paint, the sound of forklifts or the many yard accessories that swear they can make it look like I give a damn.  It’s all of this, really, that makes me feel like I need to find a very large cart or land barge to hold everything I “need.”  Yes, I do need that box of 100 different kinds of screws.  And those wall hanger devices and new numbers for our mailbox and look at those rugs and what have we been doing without those organizer bins all this time and how could life get any better now that I’ve found a pink tool belt with a pink hammer?  They knew I was coming.  What a sucker. 

And then, there’s the garden area.  What is it about a beautiful plant that makes me think I can take it home and not kill it?  How do I forget that I live in a southeastern state that has clay for soil? What do you do with clay besides make pots or awkward ash trays that no one uses because I sure can’t make anything grow in it except for clover?  (Confession:  I killed a potted plant that needed little watering.  It became sickly with some kind of disease.  Also, I have an indoor plant that I named “Jesus” [Spanish pronunciation “hey-seus”] because he dies every month and miraculously recovers once I remember to water him.)  Yet, a hardware store like Lowe’s makes me feel like I can clean my gardening slate and begin again.  I want to buy all of the cute gardening accessories like the kit that provides a kneeling pad, watering can, flowery gardening gloves and a trowel.  I want the super-duper sprinkler that waters all of my plants while still providing energy efficiency.   I also want to work in a bug-less garden with nice cool breezes that blow in the exact direction I need to keep my hair out of my face.  I want my butt to look smaller from the street so that when I bend over to nestle my baby plants in the ground, my neighbors won’t stare at me and wonder what those two people are looking at in my garden.  Too bad it’s almost July and already over 90 outside, those gardening kits will be sold out by the time I figure out what to do with one and my butt ain’t getting any smaller.  Alas.

By the way, we did purchase that table saw and The Hubbs still has all of his fingers.  I am closer than ever to having a new bookshelf!  The Hubbs.  What a guy. 🙂