Sharon just took a pack of sticky pads without putting in a request.  She left her cube at 1:15 PM this afternoon, walked over to the supply closet emerging approximately 10 seconds later holding a sticky pad.  She may have also taken a pen, but that cannot be corroborated. 

Ladies and Gentlemen,  we just had a meeting about the meeting we had a week ago, in which, we discussed how we should run meetings and how important it is that the supply requisition forms are filled out to their entirety before taking supplies from the closet.  Sharon’s actions today are in direct violation of this company rule.  We value Sharon and she has been warned.  Let this also be a warning to the rest of us.  We must abide by the company rules or we may have to start bringing in our own pens, pencils, paperclips, tape, etc, in order to meet the company’s budget.

Let us not forget what happened to Steve last quarter.  Steve was caught using the company’s time to make a personal call.  The fact that his wife was home that day with a sick baby does not change the company rules.  I would like to call home and check on my mother during work hours, especially on days when her goiter is acting up, but I don’t.  Steve is now stuck working the late shift and will probably miss his baby’s first words because of one poor decision.  We should all be mindful of the company’s time and use it well.

We will be meeting to discuss this further at a later date.  Please watch out for the meeting request email I will be sending out later today.  Remember to “accept” the meeting that I schedule.  None of you should have a reason to miss it.  Please do not use “lunch break” as an excuse.  Noon is the best time to schedule these meetings because it cuts down on wasted work time.

Thank you.

Randy Dewr

Office Manager, Employee of the Year ’98, ’99, ’00, ’01, ‘03

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