Be jealous, everyone.  My bookcase is almost finished.  And, it has legs!  I didn’t know it was going to have legs and it has legs.  I promise that it does actually stand on said legs, but these pictures are of the bookcase before The Hubbs had a chance to finish putting in the “inside corner pieces” as you can see in the second photo. 



Bookcase again


Hooray for The Hubbs!  He is going to sand it all down and then stain it.  I had no idea that a specially built bookcase was included with the $40 I paid for the marriage license.  Next, I’m hoping for a rocking chair or a stool or an outdoor front porch bench or swing or maybe another bookcase.

Speaking of woodworking*, I was watcing TV with The Hubbs the other night and saw a preview of Johnny Depp’s new movie Public Enemy.  


Me: Is this another movie made from a video game premise?

The Hubbs: No.  It’s about John Dillinger.  It’s based on actual events.

Me: Oh.

The Hubbs: He was a bank robber.

Me:  Yeah, I got that part.

Me: I could have sworn that “Public Enemy” was the name of a video game.

The Hubbs: What?

Me: OH!  No, it’s the name of a band!

The Hubbs:  A band?  No.  Public Enemy was a rap group, or is a rap group.  I’m not sure.

The Hubbs:  You know, like Flavor Flav and “Don’t Believe The Hype.”

Me: Rap group. Right.

The Hubbs:  And, don’t call rap groups “bands.”  They don’t like that.


*Yeah, so this conversation had nothing to do with woodworking.