I know that for those of you who keep up with this blog on a regular basis, you are wondering, “What happened to this girl?  Why is she suddenly not posting every week day like she used to?  I mean, my God, the woman is unemployed.  What could she possibly be busy doing?”  Well, I have been busy doing LIFE things such as tackling mountains of laundry (somehow they seem to be higher than normal), running Destro to the vet for a check-up, dealing with a “minor” identity theft problem, perfecting my pork shoulder barbecue, calling every PetSmart in the area for a PetHotel reservation (none to be found), cleaning out my closets, chasing dog hair dust bunnies across my kitchen floor, researching birthday presents for The Hubbs and trying to crack the monopoly that is the NC State Lottery-if you ain’t in it – you can’t win it!

And, here’s what happened this past weekend:


The Hubbs actually came home early on a Friday.  What!  Yes!  We were going to catch up on our Netflix instant queue and continue our legacy as the oldest young couple in history!  Then, he cut his finger open while working on something in his car engine – changing a belt – it must not have matched the other car accessories.  Five hours in the emergency room and only two stitches later our Friday night was done.

On Saturday, I had to mow the lawn.  I don’t mow lawns.  I’m an indoor girl.  I like indoor activities, especially in the summer oven that is the outside.  I didn’t even know how to start the thing.  Does every man have a strategy to mowing his own yard?  I tried to remember everything he told me, but I’m pretty sure I mowed the same area twice without realizing it.  My hands hurt and I was sweaty, but the yard was mowed.  And, he was very grateful.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be.  BUT that doesn’t mean I’m willing to make it a regular occurrence. 

On Sunday, The Hubbs surprised me with a trip to Carrboro, NC.  We went to a show at The Arts Center.  It was called “10 By 10 In The Triangle” – ten original ten minute plays.  It was great.  If I had known that mowing the lawn would get me this kind of treatment, crank up the mower, baby!  After the show, we went to Loco Pops (www.ilovelocopops.com) in Durham.  Crazy flavors, gross combinations, unexpectedly fresh pairings.  I had the apricot-lavender and The Hubbs had white chocolate ice box pie flavor.  Then, we went for seconds.  I had the pomegranate-tangerine and The Hubbs had boysenberry-thyme.  Well, he held the boysenberry-thyme in his hand for about one minute.  He really tried to like it, but it wasn’t working.  Both of mine were delicious!  We dared each other to try the chocolate-bacon, but neither of us wanted to throw up that day.

Now, I’m trying to catch up with the week that seemed to start without me.


White Chocolate Ice Box Pie!



Loco Pops!