I just finished volunteering at my church answering phones.  I do this occasionally.  I think maybe my slate will be dusted – not wiped clean, just dusted by lending some of my time to the church.  Plus, I enjoy the people who work there.  And, I get to sit around and read and eat Cheezits.  Today, there was a funeral service for a long-time member who recently passed away.  I watched everyone filing into the church in their suits and dresses.  Most of them were elderly and I picked out several of them to be my fill-in grandparents.  Even if they were not a couple, I picked a man and a woman and gave them nicknames like “Popo” and “Gmoms.”  Gmoms was wearing a blue skirt suit with tiny white flowers all over it and her slip was almost dragging the floor.  You would think that Popo would have said something to her about it, but I think he was too busy chatting up the lady who gave him a ride.  He had dusted off his best suit and was wearing a crisp white shirt and dark tie.  I couldn’t tell what color it was, but I’m sure that Gmoms did not like his choice.  She wouldn’t even look at him.  Those two.  What do you do with them?  I knew that at the end of the day Popo and Gmoms would be old sweethearts once again.

As I watched the people coming and going and eating and sipping at the reception after the service, I realized that this lady had a lot of friends.  And, even though she was gone, everyone looked happy.  Not the kind of happy where you know they are thinking, “I’m so glad I don’t have to listen to her yapper anymore.”  No, not that kind.  The kind of happy where they were glad to be around one another celebrating the recently departed.  They didn’t mind having to stop by the church on their lunch breaks or during The Price Is Right to celebrate her life.  They were glad to do it. 

I hope I get old.  And, I hope I have friends that will put on their best and come to a service to sing hymns and hold hands and then eat a little something – all in the celebration of my life.   Maybe Popo and Gmoms will be there, too.