Me:  Hey, I just saw on the news that the DMV is not going to renew registrations if you haven’t gotten your inspection in the last year.

The Hubbs: Yeah.

Me: Starting August 1st.

The Hubbs: Yeah.

Me:  Well, I didn’t get my car inspected because you remember when you came home from work and you said that you had talked to that one guy you work with and you were like, “hey, show me your registration.” And I told you it was in my purse and you got it and then you showed me where it says that I wasn’t due for an inspection until 2010.

The Hubbs:  Yeah, you’re not due until 2010.

Me: …

(blank staring)

The Hubbs: I’m going to finish brushing my teeth now.

Me:  You have a hole in your sock.  How do you do that?  Do you wiggle your toes a lot? 

The Hubbs: No, I don’t think so.  It just happens.  I can’t help it.

Me:  Maybe we should sell my car.  See what we could get for it.

The Hubbs:  No.

Me:  Well, fine. 

The Hubbs:  Okay.  Love you.  Have a good day.

Me:  Love you, too.  Bye.  Drive safely.  Be nice.  Love you.  Don’t squish your lunch bag. Love you, bye.