I have experience working in customer service.  So, before you get your undies in a jumble, I know how hard a job it can be.

I ordered The Hubbs’ birthday gifts early this year.  I bought him a free-standing punching bag and some gloves.  This was a well thought through gift as The Hubbs has been working extra hard at his job this year, hasn’t had as much time at the gym and by the time he gets home, needs to blow off some steam.  He’s a manly man, The Hubbs.  He likes to work off his aggravations as opposed to me, a woman, who would rather eat a tub of chocolate ice cream and cry a little.  So, I was sure it would be a great gift.  By the way, this all went down yesterday.  He already knows about his gifts.  No worries.

I ordered the bag and gloves several weeks ago.  During the estimated arrival dates given to me by the company, I checked the shipping information to see whether or not they had left the factory and were happily headed to their new home – to my garage.  I noticed that the bag was backordered and the gloves were “batchpick”, whatever that means.  Well.  My goodness.  No email from the company.  Wasn’t backordered when I ordered it.  What is batchpick?  I picked.  Typetypetypetypetypetypetypetypetypetypetypetype.  I sent an email.  A polite email inquiring about my order, why had I not been notified the bag was backordered and asked if someone could please explain “batchpick” to me.

Three days later:


Dear Alissa,

This is a ship notification for order number PAININMYASS. This completes your order.

Thank you for shopping at theplaceyoushouldnevershop.com, we hope to you see you again soon.

Your order was shipped via   to:

Alissa Miles

The following items were included in this shipment:


Qty             Item

1               Century Training Gloves Option: 16 oz.

1               Original Wavemaster Color: Black



Please note that tracking information may not be available until later today.

Thank you for shopping with us and please remember us for your future needs.


Oh I will remember you.  Please note that nowhere in this email are my questions addressed and they forgot to tell my which company they were using for shipping.

 Moving on to yesterday:

I pull out of my driveway only to be flagged down by our trusty UPS man.  He asks me how married life is going, which I attribute to all of the gifts, wedding magazines, and boxes of decorations/favor items that were shipped to our house last year.  Or, he could just be a psycho-newlywed-couple-watcher-perv.  If it is the latter, I hope he has enjoyed the show.  He heaved a very large box to my front porch (he asked me if that was where I wanted it and not wanting to put him out I said, “yeah, that’s great” knowing full well that I was going to have to get it in the garage without killing myself – but that’s a story for another day).  I don’t know that I can actually call it a “box.”  It was more like cardboard pieces taped together, like a really angry person was given a new cardboard box and it really pissed him off, so he showed it who was boss and then taped it.

I waited for the UPS guy to turn around and head back up the street so that he wouldn’t see me humping the box in an effort to move it.  Unfortunately, the neighbors arrived home just in time.  I noticed on top of the box someone had written a note: NO INVOICE   CREDIT GIVEN FOR GLOVES.  F’in what?  Stupid.  Credit?  Gahhhhhhh.  So, I got the bag but no gloves.  What is The Hubbs going to do without gloves, slap the bag? 

I made a phone call to customer service.  I was very nice.  TRULY.  I kept my composure because I knew it was not Seza’s fault.  He was just answering phones.  I told him that he might want to discuss this matter with his supervisors so that this kind of mix-up and lack of customer service would not happen again.  He was very apologetic.  I imagined him hanging up the phone after our conversation had come to an end and taking his copious notes into his boss’ office to resolve this issue.   But, I bet he just sat there and gave the phone the finger.

In the end, I did get The Hubbs some gloves from Dick’s Sporting Goods.  He came home and was very surprised to find his birthday gifts in the garage.    One thing though, his hand is still sore from the car belt fiasco a couple of weeks ago.  Pppppfffff….maybe I should have gone with a gift card.