I wish I could be a farmer without all of the hard work and dirtiness.  I can’t imagine being able to walk on your own property and pick out food you’ve grown yourself and make floral bouquets using flowers from your own garden.  Heck, I can’t even imagine not killing a potted plant.  I’ll just stick to buying from local farmers instead of trying to be one myself.  We recently made a trip to the Farmer’s Market.  Here’s some of what we saw:



The prices on the plants were great.  I didn’t get any, though.  I think I could eat that Hibiscus.  And, I want that blue fence. 

Floral Bouquet

Holy crap.  How gorgeous is this bouquet?  This guy grows these flowers in his yard and then puts the bouquets together at the market.  I really wanted one, but decided on pastries instead. 


Can you blame us for wanting pastries?  I think not.  The Hubbs had a strawberry turn-over and I had peach.  Freshly made.  Sinful.  The third was a chocolate croissant.  None of these lasted long.

Goat's Milk

Lord, I love goats.  My mother used to want to raise goats.  I just want to eat their cheese.  This sign reads, “We do not sell goat’s milk.  One gallon of goat’s milk is $30 worth of cheese.  It is illegal to sell raw goat’s milk.  If you want raw goat’s milk, buy a goat.”  A cheese-maker and goat farmer with a sense of humor.  Fan-freakin-tastic.  And the cheese, outrageously good.


Nehi, Cheerwine, A&W.  A rainbow of delicious liquid sugar!


AHHHHH!  Oh, surprised you, didn’t I?  Say “hello” to Wilbur.  Frightening.  I had to take a picture.  Look at his eyes.  LOOK AT THEM.  Because he is looking at you.  Remember him the next time you eat bacon.

Pork Outlet

Wilbur’s home.  It’s a pork outlet!



Here is what we ended up bringing home: tomatoes, cucumbers, blueberries, peaches, a watermelon, small log of rosemary-garlic goat cheese, small jar of apple butter and (to The Hubbs’ dismay) a jar of pickled okra.  Love pickled okra.  We immediately had tomato and cucumber sandwiches for lunch.  It’s hard to describe the experience of having a fresh locally grown organic fruit/vegetable.  Let’s just say that I wanted to eat the tomatoes like they were apples.


Also:  I really wanted to take a picture of an elderly man wearing a hat with a fish head coming out of the front, the tail fin coming out of the back and two fins coming out of the sides.  But, he had no teeth and looked like he wouldn’t have appreciated the fame my blog would have brought him.