You may remember my model from an earlier post.  She was kind enough to pose for my fashion designs.  Funny, no one has contacted me about those particular designs as of yet.  She is a dear friend and recently contacted me because she was in need of a dress for a movie premiere.  Maybe you’ve heard of the film Inglorious Basterds starring Brad Pitt.  I don’t know much about the film except someone should tell Mr. Tarantino that he should check his spelling.  She is an extra in the movie.  She plays a dead body.  I’m sure she’s wonderful in it.  She’s so good at feigning lifelessness, you know.   In fact, her agent just contacted her about another role.  It’s something like Mannequin 3: Still Holding Still.  Below is the dress that I designed for her.  I call it Dreaming of Foliage.  Doesn’t she look lovely in purple? 

Movie Premiere Look

We decided to go with brass accents.  We are in a recession.  Don’t want to look too over the top.  Plus, I think brass is the new black. 

I was concerned with her make-up choices.   And now that I see the whole look put together,  I have to stand by my first impression – except for the lipstick color.  You can never go wrong with “Brick.”