Via phone…

Me: You need to go wash your hands.

The Hubbs: Why?

Me:  Just trust me.  You need to go wash your hands for at least 30 seconds with soap.

The Hubbs: I did just wash my hands a few minutes ago.

Me:  I’m telling you.  I watched this thing today and MRSA and the Swine Flu are sweeping the nation and killing people.

The Hubbs:  What is mersa?

Me:  It’s M-R-S-A.  It’s some form of the strep-o-kaleidoscope bacteria.  It lives on your skin.

The Hubbs: …

Me: Regular antibiotics won’t kill it.  You’ll get these flesh wounds with puss and then you’ll die.

The Hubbs: I’m clean.

Me:  Don’t touch your face.  Keep your hands away from your mouth and nose.  I really think you should go and wash your hands.

The Hubbs: Right.

Me:  And use some Purell or something after shaking people’s hands at work.  You don’t know where they’ve been.

The Hubbs: Okay.

Me:  And when the swine flu vaccine is available, you’re getting it. 

The Hubbs:  Alissa, you need to calm it down.

Me:  But I love you.

The Hubbs:  I love you, too.

P.S. Heather Armstrong from the popular blog “dooce” linked to my blog in her post yesterday.  Thanks, Heather! is a riot.  Heather and her family offer great stories, beautiful pictures and some bad-ace dance moves.