Can Matt and Kim sit next to Ryan Adams?  Can Wilco hang out with Garth Brooks?  How about The Arcade Fire and Gladys Knight and The Pips?  Oh, yes they can.

This is not some wanna-be Rolling Stones editorial.  Believe me.  I don’t know much about music or its history.  I can’t play an instrument.  I can’t sing.  What I can do is listen to music and love it.  Maybe the music-lover and critic who has developed a tick due to too many arguments over the comparison of The Beatles and The Who would see our list as predictable, trite, old, uninventive.  That’s okay because we enjoy it regardless.  And, it’s okay because the music lover/critic with a tick is lame. 

The Hubbs accidentally erased our playlists on ITunes.  Fortunately, he didn’t erase our music library.  We had to rebuild our treasured playlist called “The HitList.”  If you were sitting with The Hubbs and reading this together, this is where he would point out that this particular playlist was “his” and that I have now “soiled” it with my music.  And, if you were sitting with The Hubbs and reading this, I would ask you to turn to him and politely ask him who it was that erased all of the playlists from ITunes, to which he would reply “It was me”, to which you could reply “so shut it.”

The unexpected joy of erasing OUR playlist was the rebuilding process.  We have 9.5 days of music on our computer.  Sick.  Not all of it is great or hit worthy, but a lot of it is.  Who forgets about Phil Collins’ Sussudio or Rilo Kiley’s Portions For Foxes?  We do.  But now that we remember them we heart them again.  Here are a few others that are on the list:

Ra Ra Riot, Can You Tell

Kimya Dawson, Tire Swing

Queen, The Show Must Go On

Green Day, Basket Case

Ben Folds Five, Jackson Cannery

Fiona Apple, Better Version of Me

Jump Little Children, My Guitar

Poison, Something To Believe In

The Arade Fire, Wake Up

Band Of Horses, The General Specific

Cowboy Mouth, Jenny Says

Jason Mraz, A Beautiful Mess

Modest Mouse, Weezer, Radiohead – name one and it’s probably on the list

Bloc Party, Hunting For Witches

Paul Simon, Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard

She & Him, You Really Got A Hold On Me

There are so many other gems that aren’t listed here.  But who has the time?  I recommend erasing your playlists every once in awhile.  Get to know your music again.  And turn it up.