Oy.  It’s been a fast-paced couple of months.  Things have been fun and crazy and icky and entertaining and stressful and lovely and hairy at all the same time.  And, I have the pictures to prove it. 


Last month I helped host my sister-in-law’s baby shower at my mother-in-law’s house.   I made a diaper cake to go with the ladybug theme of the party.  It was my first diaper cake and fortunately I had a friend help me make it.  Seriously.  Four hands are better than two.  And those bows.  Bows are harder to tie than you think.  What’s even harder?  Trying to learn how to tie a pretty bow from a YouTube video.  As you can see, we gave up on the fancy pants bows.


Ladybug Diaper Cake


 Those Wavy Lays are not just for display.  We did eat them along with a lot of other good food.  That’s the best thing about parties.  Food.

Ladybug Diaper Cake with Lays

Here’s the part where I got crafty and I’m not a crafty person.  For the party favors, I purchased a set of baby food jars pre-cleaned from a wonderful lady on e-bay.  I filled them with the Haribo Gummy Raspberries.  They’re actually blackberries and raspberries – pretty tasty.  THEN, I wrapped them with ribbon and used ladybug sticky-thingys for decoration.  Yes I did.

Please note:  In the bottom left-hand corner of this picture, you can see the top of my head and part of  The Hubbs’ face in the silver frame.  We can see you.

Part-ay Favors


Moving on.  It’s Fall!  I love this season.  We are still having warm days here in NC, but the mornings and nights are cooler.  We took advantage of a comfortable Saturday evening and threw some T-Bones on the grill.  I love a man in an apron.  He is wearing shorts under there.  And look at those gams!   

Grilling with Destro's help




Probably the most stressful part of our current life:  house hunting.  I know, I know.  I keep talking about it.  But, really.  Major investment with a high level of screw-up potential.  An easement?  What’s that?  

House Hunting


Okay.  We didn’t do this to him for fun.  Promise.  Destro has had some knee troubles.  Yesterday, he had to go through orthopedic patellar surgery.  The surgeon had to deepen the groove that his knee joint sits in so that it wouldn’t constantly pop in and out of place.  AHHHH!  Doesn’t that sound painful?  He’s such a trooper.  A little hairy, but a trooper.

This is Destro pre-surgery.  The nurse applied a transdermal pain patch a couple of days before the surgery.  This required the placement of the lampshade.  He was none too pleased.  He looks happy here, but I think he’s actually planning our demise.

Destro pre-surgery

This is Destro this morning after I cleaned up his attempt to snort his antibiotic.  This dog is the worst at taking pills.  I have to hide them in food, which works only a quarter of the time.  He cheeks them in an attempt to cheat the system and stay off his meds.  Great.  I’ll just wrap the pill in ham and he won’t know the difference.  He loved the ham.  He bit into the capsule.  Of course he bit the capsule.  He bit the capsule because Mom is an idiot.  I guess I was thinking he would just swallow it whole.  No, that’s not what happened.  He could have been a stand-in for Al Pacino in Scarface.

Alissa, why isn’t he wearing his lampshade?  Because he hates it.  That’s why.  I get it, okay?  He should be wearing it so that he doesn’t pull on his bandage.  But, guess what.  I am watching him constantly and he’s not bothering his leg or his side pain patch.  I’ll put it back on him when I have to leave him unattended, so chill.

Destro post-surgery


Here he is wearing two plastic bags and one of my socks.  Fashion faux PAW.  Ha. Ppppffff.  He has to wear it to go outside because the ground is wet and the sock helps keep the bags in place.  Not only is his leg shaved, they shaved the square of hair underneath his side patch.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing this hair style on the floor of the Westminster Dog Show next season.  Pitiful.

Destro's white sock


So, Destro and I will be recuperating from his surgery for the next couple of weeks.  Oh, did I mention that I’m having a garage sale this weekend and The Hubbs’ dad is coming into town on Friday to provide some much-needed house inspection guidance?  Gah.  At least someone in this house is drugged.