I did a little jig on Saturday morning to keep the rain at bay.  It worked for the most part.  We along with our neighbors had a garage sale.  I spent most of last week going through boxes in the garage and rummaging through our closets to find things to sell.  I will admit that the thought of making money went to my head.  At one point I asked The Hubbs if I could sell his 51″ projector TV.  It’s like I asked him to sell his head off of his shoulders.  Here, have a head.  It’s at least worth twenty bucks. 

I priced everything with the expectation that people were going to haggle me and haggle they did.  But, the most interesting part of the morning was talking to our customers.  Who knew you could learn so much about someone you haven’t even met.  There was a pregnant woman looking at my rack of clothes.  I asked her when she was due (HALT! No.1: The only reason I asked her this was because it was incredibly obvious that she was pregnant.  I do not recommend asking a woman this unless you are certain – Dad, I’m talking directly to you. No. 2:  Even pregnant, I don’t think this lady was big enough for my clothes = massive intake of Halloween chocolate later that day).  Not only did this lady tell me she was due in 6 weeks, she also said that it had been a difficult pregnancy and technically she was supposed to be on bed-rest.  After I finished thinking through my possible liability should she go into labor and have this kid in my driveway, I quickly suggested that she get off her feet and that my clothes probably wouldn’t fit her anyway.  THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!  go away NO, SERIOUSLY.  THANKS! get off my lawn.

Later in the morning another woman stopped by and asked us about a few items.  Suddenly, we went from “We’ll sell you the dish set and glasses for $20” to “My almost future son-in-law is a money-grubbing f**k-face.”  Woah.  Okay.  Have a seat in our lawn chair and tell me all about it.  I charge by the hour.  Apparently he has decided to go back to school in order (in her opinion) to stay a student and not get a real job, which also allows him to string along her daughter without one mention of a ring.  They’ve been dating for 9 years.  Man.  I don’t think I’d buy him a dish set, either.


Me: Oooh, I like how you set up the dishes and the glasses like that.

The Hubbs: Baby, marketing is everything.

Today is Monday and we still own the dishes and glasses.


The little girl in the hot pink hot pants is for sale.  Name a price.

Garage Sale


 This is my neighbor’s garage sale.  We had garage sale envy until we had to pack it all back in her garage.

Neighbor's Garage Sale