PrepI did it!  I made a meal that The Hubbs really enjoyed.  This has happened before, don’t get me wrong.  I can cook a meal.  It’s just that more times than not I try a new recipe that requires some elbow grease for preparation (not as an ingredient) and it doesn’t turn out quite right.  Prime example: I made a Feta-Stuffed Pork Tenderloin on Sunday night.  He liked it up until his second serving and the flavor of the stuffing became too overwhelming.  Fine.  The left side of the tenderloin was better than the right.  I tend to lean toward the left on most issues, so perhaps I’m biased.

I have a record of making old recipes, most of them my mother’s, really well.  I make a mean beef stroganoff and meatloaf.  I challenge The Hubbs to make a pot of rice as fluffy as mine!  He does, however, tackle new recipes with a vengeance and somehow is able to make them his own on the first try.  Risotto? Done.  Weird leek-like ingredients? Done. The perfect rue? Done.  Fine.  I point you to this previous post where I discuss my rancor toward his success in the kitchen.  So, the fact that I was able to make a tasty meal that took more than 10 minutes to prep AND it was pretty was fortunate for our relationship.

Shepherd's Pie

Success smells like Shepherd’s Pie.  Oh, yes it does.  Look at it!  Also, please notice my robin’s egg blue teapot in the background.  Love. It.

Shepherd's Pie: Another Look

Here’s a closer look.  This is what delicious looks like.  A large delicious.  So large that we had it again the next day.  HAHA!  Take THAT, all of you out there with natural cooking talent.  Go stuff your cornish hens someplace else.  I made Shepherd’s Pie, dammit.