Yesterday at 3:11 P.M. I turned to The Hubbs and said, “A year ago at this time, right now, we were getting married.”  His response, “Right now, last year, I was sweating my ass off.”


And so it was.  Our first year of marriage gone.  Whew.  We made it.  October also marks seven years of our relationship, oh, and Halloween.  What a big month!  How did we celebrate?  We went to the NC State Fair on Friday, of course.  This is somewhat of a tradition for us because we had our first date at the SC State Fair and five years later after our first NC State Fair experience, The Hubbs proposed.  While I was doing dishes.  In our kitchen.  It was perfect.  We like celebrating our most romantic moments with rednecks, carnies and giant turkey legs.  I should point out that the fair was lacking in great mullets this year.  A true disappointment.

World's Smallest Woman

Tiny inches are smaller than regular inches.

Teeth Grillz 

 Holy buckets.  They have *teeth* grillz.  Can you also get them engraved for free?


Fried Oreo

Fried Oreo.  I could not find the chocolate covered bacon or the fried cheesecake.  How am I supposed to have a heart attack with out them?


Justin Waiting

ANGER.  The Hubbs looks mad in this picture, but he’s not.  He’s waiting in line for the Cliff Hanger ride, a ride I was not going to get on or in because of my fear of getting stuck in tiny fair ride seats.  Plus, this ride requires that you lie down on your stomach and a mechanism is then closed down on top of you so that you are flying like Superman.  No. Thank you.  I would like to point out that this is what The Hubbs would look like with his hypothetical redheaded daughter.  A good match, dont you think?

 Cliff Hanger Ride

This looks more like a chamber of death. 

Happy Anniversary – From the carnies operating your death rocket.