I survived.  I ran a race and survived.  We ran the Governor’s Cup in Columbia, SC last weekend.  This is my first race, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Ex: Make sure you’re not in the middle of re-tying your shoes when the whole thing starts.  People will run you over.  I ran my fastest half mile in the very beginning of the race just because I felt like I was being chased.  The more avid runners and pros ran the half marathon (13.1 miles) and we ran the 8K (5 miles).  I was so impressed with the mix of people who were in both races.  Young, old, men, women.  Okay, so I don’t think I saw any larger people running the half marathon, but there were people running the 8K that didn’t look like  your average runner – myself included.  I’m proud of that.  You don’t have to be a lean machine in order to get out there and push yourself.  And I PUSHED.  Some people may not realize this, but Columbia has some hills.  And, I will admit that I did stop and walk a couple of times and there were moments while I was running that walkers passed me.  Not the fastest in the world.  In fact, when I crossed the finish line a lovely volunteer handed me a medal for the half marathon and I had to give it back to him and explain that I’m just really slow, that I’m actually part of the 8K race that should have finished about a half hour ago.  Thanks.  I didn’t even care that he was laughing in my face because I was shoving half marathoners (come to find out, they’re very light) out of my way to get to the water table.  YOU have cramps?  Move it!  I don’t care if you need a banana to save your life.  I’ve got cotton-mouth.  I need to hydrate, dammit! 


race 1

My awesome running buddies.  Well, the ladies were much better runners than I and they sped off to run at their own paces.  That was fine because batman, I mean The Hubbs, stayed with me and ran at a much slower pace than he would have liked until the very end when he sped up a hill and crossed the finish line to go and run like a gazelle back to the car to get the camera and take pictures of me crossing the line.  The Hubbs.  What a guy. 


race 2

Here we are after the race.  The lady in white is a great friend and mother of one of my best friends.  Yes, MOTHER.  And, she finished way ahead of me.  Kudos, Jane.