My mother being the genius and hot blonde that she is, sent me a link to a writing site.  And, look!  I’m sharing: NANOWRIMO .  I’m usually the last one to laugh at political jokes because it takes me 5.2 seconds longer than everyone else to get the punchline.  Point being, it’s possible that I am the last to know about this site. 

The idea is to begin writing a novel on November 1st and have 50,000 words written by end of day November 30th.  Say what?!  I know.  It’s ridonkulous.  Those of you interested, Nov. 1st has obviously come and gone but the writing strategy can be used on your own timeline.  I think it’s a little wacky and maybe that’s why I like it.  It’s a hand-cramping, caffeine-infused, brain-tangling, forget-what-your-partner-looks-like-for-a-month kind of endeavor.  I wish there were a site that charted my progress on how much laundry I can get done in 30 days, or how many meals I can have pre-planned. Oh!  How many clumps of dog hair I can chase across the kitchen floor.  I would be such a winner.  All the time.   A WINNER at life.

Also, I enjoy this t-shirt. *hint, hint directed toward The Hubbs* What? You’d be supporting a non-profit.  Brownie points!