This is my Facebook status this morning: 

Today, Destro begins puppy physical therapy. That’s right. My dog is getting physical therapy. Pretty soon we will be fitting him for glasses and making him wear a tweed coat. Then, we will send him off to college where he will study nuclear science and eventually win the nobel peace prize for finding some kind of solution for something that sounds really technical and confusing. Oh yeah, it all be worth it.
Switch scenes.  Destro is walking me into the rehab office.  There is a technician handing a spray bottle and cloth to a woman who has just dropped off her dog. 
The woman turns to me and says, “My dog sprayed his anal glands in my car.”
Really?  That’s….it’s not even 8:00 in the morning and I have already heard the word “anal” today from a complete stranger.  Lucky me!
Thanksgiving post coming soon.  I know you’re excited!  Try not to release any glands in your excitement.